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Started by boogie, May 03, 2010, 04:16:45 PM

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i have a question...I got the mac version for students/education.
is there any possibility to extend the ram for keyshot since there is no preferences option available?
and why no turntable option for the single license? ????


Turntable option is only for the commercial Pro version.
Not sure what you mean regarding "extend RAM".


I mean how much ram you could let keyshot use.
In photoshop  there's such an option in the preferences/ performance options. same in alias.
What I would just like to know is if it's possible to say that if my mac has 2 gigs of ram I want to use 1.5 for keyshot today and 1,3 tomorrow. Is there such an option?


Photoshop uses RAM differently as it also uses a swap disk/scratch drive - no idea about Alias but I imagine it is similar and something to do with the paint module. Rule of thumb for any rendering app - get as much RAM as you can fit, and use it. If you are using a 32 bit version on Windows the maximum RAM Keyshot can access is 2GB (rule of thumb). If you are using 64 bit then it can access a lot more. On the Mac side (is the Mac side 64 bit yet?) you can access a bit more, but in general the Mac handles memory more efficiently than Windows so you can load larger models.

Personally, I don't give it a thought, but I don't run any other apps while using Keyshot. Once I get a new shiny 64 bit workstation I will pack it with 16GB of RAM and run every piece of software I have at the same time - just for the hell of it!


KeyShot for Mac is only 32bit at the moment. As Quigley stated the Mac can access up to 3.5GB of RAM under 32bit, and does overall handle RAM much more efficiently.

KeyShot 2 will have a 64bit version for the Mac, and then there is no limit (other than how much RAM you can pack in the machine).