Author Topic: pause render option, and a more fun way to wait for renders to finish.  (Read 2434 times)

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1: a pause button on the render page would be superb as I can't use my laptop when it's rendering something, and usually it would take ages to finish a render, and I usually end up stopping the render and do it over again when something urgent happens...

2: in keyshot 2 (at least on the mac version) whenever you turned on that bloom effect, you could see a dark border around the area that has been rendered, that thing made staring at the monitor for countless minutes so much more fun. if that could just be a built in feature, or a check box in the setting to add this, it would be superb.

3: there's nothing worst than having to wait all day waiting for a render to finish, and for most of students or those who recently graduated, it's fairly difficult to have a high-end computer to work on and we spend most of our time staring at the screen waiting for the renders to finish.
if there could be an option in the rendering page, that we could drag a rectangle on the screen and have that area being rendered first, (like the back ground for instance, so at least the percentage of the render goes to 50% quickly) it would be awesome.
it wouldn't add much usability, but it would certainly make it more fun for those of us on slower computers. (it might even go against the goal of the company to keep it simple and easy to use on some levels... but it would be really nice to have this)