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Started by lucien, June 08, 2010, 12:00:10 PM

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Dear Sirs~

I have a question about the material seperate.
For example, I have a 3d model made by pro/e wildfire 4.0.(please refer to the pic item1)
It's just a part file, and I setup different colors on it's each surface.
When I use keyshot 1.9 to import it , I can setup different materials to each surface

But when I try the keyshot 2.0 and import the same model file.
I found all the model only can be setup one material.

PS: I test the pro/e wildfire format(*.prt) and step format both, and I got the same result.

So..are there any different about the material seperate between keyshot 1.9 and keyshot 2.0?

Thanks a lot.


When you import the Pro/E file directly, you need to select keep separate parts. The color information will not be preserved yet, but you will end up with separate surfaces.


Dear Thomas~

Per our workflow, in the beginning period of design we will create a prt file only with model's shape.
So we need quickly setup several different materials to it and render pics.

In the old hypershot and new keyshot 1.9, we can easily use pro/e to setup different colors on my model's surface to have different materials. And it is very convenient to us and we like this function very much.

So..I am a little confused, if I use pro/e to create a prt file now and I need to setup several different materials on my model.
If I can't use the way of color, how do I setup my model?

Thanks a lot~


You misunderstood. Set up your model as a single part in Pro/E. Assign colors to break individual parts. Save the .prt file. No need to export to STEP.

Now, open KeyShot 2. Import the Pro/E file. When importing, please check "Keep separate parts".

You will notice that the entire model will have the same color, but is broken out based on the color you have assigned inside Pro/E.

Hope this helps.



Dear Thomas~

Thanks for your remind.
I follow your method and try again, but it still not work.
(I already selected "keep individual parts" item and try step and *.prt file both)

But I found something, there is a importer item (edit / preferences / use new importers ).
This item is default selected.
If I cancel this item, then I can't import pro/e files (ex: *.pat) directly.
But ...If I import the same step files, keyshot 2 will setup different materials by suface's color successfully.

So... could you kindly give me some advice about this issue?
Are there any error about my process? or it is a bug?

PS: My test files please refer to the attachment.

Thanks a lot~ It's important to us.


I forgot to mention one last step:

After importing, you must go to the scene tree, select all parts, and right click on the parts. Then select "unlink part".

We will try and eliminate this step in the next update.