Render Nodes/Possible Render Solutions

Started by Zander85, August 02, 2012, 01:22:25 PM

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Does anybody have any experience using render nodes or a render farm with Keyshot? (I know that keyshot has network rendering capabilities, but I forget if that feature is a subscription or not and how much extra that costs.) At work my boss is looking to me for a render solution, and I am thinking a rack mounted render node would make the most sense for our company but I am still not positive this will be the best option for us. We are a small jewelry store and we are rendering 3D movies of jewelry. These were some of our first test videos:

A link to one of the "test videos":

A link to a rack mounted render node:

Now we are looking to make many of these types of movies and the renders do not have to be very robust but we do have many many many frames to render and I want to free up my desktop for work so it doesn't slow me down while rendering. Does anyone in the community have a suggestion?