Unexpected behaviour with 'labels'

Started by jhiker, August 24, 2012, 01:41:44 AM

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Amongst other things, this scene contains two different assemblies, each of which include a manual valve with a green plastic hand knob. The two assemblies were made at different times but the knob component is common to both.
The top of the knob has a label applied to the top surface as shown highlighted on the rightmost valve and positioned with 'UV coordinates'.
Here's my problem... I can't successfully apply a duplicate (same) label to the leftmost valve knob. I can double-click on the knob  to open the 'Properties/Textures/Labels' dialogue component and the label shows up in the 'Labels' tab but when I position it on the leftmost valve knob it disappears from the rightmost one.
I expected to have independent control on the positioning of the two labels on two separate components.
Am I doing something wrong here...?


Right click on the one that hasn't got the lable in the right place and chose "unlink material" .. after that, changes made to either won't affect the other.
I had the exact same thing going on here a while back.


That did the trick! Thank you very much  ;)