Render artefact in Key shot

Started by stevejjd, August 10, 2012, 12:45:52 AM

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Very simple setup here, and look at the artefact...what is that? how do I fix it?


What do you mean by "artifact"?, the "KeyShot" logos watermark for their trial software?

By the way, nice bust!  Did you make that or download it from somewhere?  I'd like to find some nice busts and other anatomy for some of our medical product renderings.  Any recommendations from the KeyShot community?


I can see the artifacts in the shadow. Can you share so we can take a look?


Sorry for my late reply and thank you for reviewing my post.

The aberration occurs in the shadow areas and I dont understand whats happening,

Just drop the model in, change the material to grey. Use the Alasken Forest IMG while making the background render as a flat grey.

The Zip contains the Model
The model was an academic test to see if my drawing was effecting my digital sculpting. The model was made in ZBrush and Decimated for test rendering. You may use it freely, I only ask that if you share it please plug me in :).

I am more than happy to supply free models to the keyshot community. I encourage requests and/or suggestions too. I am a self tough student and all of my work is anatomical and academic. Later I hope to be more expressive. I would also love to share advice about digital figure sculpting as well.


Just one further note, if you are intersted in anatomical models, please visit this site.

You can learn to make your own and I believe they have some very basic models for free.

I will work to supply the keyshot community with my free models.


Thanks for sharing. We will take a look.

And yes, sharing your models would be great! Much appreciated.


I must apologise for my late reply - I am very busy with 3D work at the moment.

Here is the updated link for the model in question;

I'm very busy but and I am currently planning to make some models for Keyshot artists to use.