Rendering Artifacts...

Started by jarane, October 28, 2015, 06:20:48 AM

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Hi all,
I'm rendering shiny black plastic products and found some nasty artifacts, as well as banding.
It's a default material with no modifications or textures applied.

Please see pics attached.
Any help will be welcomed.

Thanks in advance,

Esben Oxholm

Hi Jarane.

What is you output settings?


Dav Esben,
Here they are:

PSD + alpha channel
Samples 16
Ray Bounces 12
Anti-Aliasing 1
Shadows 1
Global illumination 1
Pixel blur 2
Sharp Shadows checked
Global illumination Cache checked

Tak for det,


Tried rendering with different settings (up to Samples 128, Ray Bounces 32), with similar or worse results.