Re: Out of memory (requesting 01 bytes)!!! This may cause instabilities...

Started by ans sam, April 15, 2016, 02:25:04 AM

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ans sam

i imported a heavy skp file in parts into keyshot... now the keyshot file is of 530 mbs... is this too much??? coz i cant import anymore files into this model because of this message (out of memory- requesting 01 mb, this may cause instabilities...)...
m working on a very low confi pc... its a 32bit windows 7 system with 8gb ram... which i dont think is getting used up.... while importing, system shows that only 2.8gb of physical memory is being used... any heavy work i perform, it shows the same message n keyshot shuts!!!!! pls help......


This sounds true for a 32bit platform. Windows likes 1Gb for itself leaving you 3Gb to work with. If you upgrade to 64bit OS you will not have these memory limitations, unless you use a 32bit app that will again only be able to address 4Gb