New rendering workstation - SSD or regular SATA?

Started by DriesV, November 09, 2012, 01:57:56 AM

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My department is about to order a new workstation based on a dual Xeon E5-2665 with 16GB RAM. It will be a new Dell T5600.

We are still undecided whether it should have an SSD boot drive or not.
I have made 2 different configurations on the Dell website:
* SATA HDD 1TB (5287 euros)
* SSD (boot) 256GB + SATA HDD 500GB (5782 euros)
The SSD option is about 500 euros more expensive (almost 10% of total system price!)

Most of our KeyShot repositories (environment & material libraries, CAD data...) is located on network storage.

Does KeyShot rendering (stills and animations) benefit much from an SSD? Or is the money better spent on things like network rendering?

I need an answer fast  ;)!



Hi Dries,

>Or is the money better spent on things like network rendering?

Yes, 100% better!  :)

Claus Jensen

KeyShot will start much faster with SSD and also open/import files faster, but once it is up and running you will not see a lot of difference than with SATA.
You are probably better off boosting your workflow with network rendering. Get some cheap PC's and hook them up as slaves.


I agree with Claus. Ideally you get both, especially if you load large models often.