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Started by jmfit, June 20, 2010, 09:34:58 PM

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Hi all-
I've got to files imported, one Solidworks Assembly and one Maya obj. I can move/scale each object separately. How can I move/scale both objects together?




At this point in time you can't.


I've noticed this as well, as I had to export each material I wanted as a separate iges file, and then import them into Keyshot. Here's how things could work better:

1) Allow selection of multiple files for import. Right now, clicking import and ok and waiting for each file is very tedious.

2) Allow selection of the top node in the scene for applying (dropping/copying/pasting) material. Right now, I have to open the node and shift select all the faces or trimmed surfaces, which is again, very tedious.

3) Allow renaming of the top node in a scene. Right now, the name includes the full network path so I have no idea what the object is, and I have to constantly hide/unhide objects in order to see which I'm selecting.

The fact that you can select all the top nodes in the tree, but when you enter coordinates only one of them moves seems to me like a bug.