Issues with the f-stop setting.

Started by Esben Oxholm, June 13, 2013, 02:19:20 AM

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Esben Oxholm

When turning on DOF in the camera, I always have to use very low f-stops values to get something useful. Often around 0,005 depending on the scene, size of object and wanted amount of DOF.

My scenes are imported from Creo2 via the keyshot plugin and the scale is set to mm.

Are any of you encountering this problem? Or should I tweak some other settings to get a higher f-stop number?
The small number isn't a problem itself, it just renders the f-stop slider useless.

Best regards.


We are working on adjusting the sliders accordingly based on scale that is being used in the scene.

Esben Oxholm

Sounds great Thomas. Thanks for reply :)