Author Topic: What GPU is recommended/necessary for Keyshot?  (Read 5533 times)

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What GPU is recommended/necessary for Keyshot?
« on: June 22, 2010, 05:35:41 am »

I primarily work in CAD and have a Quadro FX1700 card.  I currently have Hypershot 1.9.  What is recommended or necessary for the new version of Keyshot?  A better card like the Quadro FX3800 would be nice, but that's out of my budget.


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Re: What GPU is recommended/necessary for Keyshot?
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2010, 06:27:14 am »
It's my understanding that the graphics card does not matter, as it may with other rendering apps.  It's all about CPU's- the more cores the better!  I also use the FX1700 (SolidWorks), with dual quad-core Intel chips (8 cpu's) and 1.9.54 runs like a rocket.  You should be fine with your existing card.  I don't have KS2 yet, but all should be the same.  I am planning on Win764, and 16GB of RAM soon (RAM does matter with large file sets), and there's no way I'm springing with an even more expensive CUDA loaded card.
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Re: What GPU is recommended/necessary for Keyshot?
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2010, 12:23:37 pm »
Kyle I run the FX1700 as well and am running keyshot 2 - the card makes no difference. Keyshot is CPU based not GPU based. For most CAD users doing industrial design type work the FX1700/1800 cards are good solid cards and SolidWorks and other apps fly.

There is a lot of hype around GPU at the moment, but it all comes from one company - Nvidia. Sure these mega CUDA based cards are impressive - provided you are using CUDA enabled software -  but its kind of like an eggs all in one basket thing. One reason I prefer CPU based systems is that they run equally as well on laptops as well as desktops.

No doubt a year or two down the line the CAD apps will be tapping into the GPU more, so the GPU requirements will go skywards again. Until that time, I'm sticking to CPU and RAM!