Self illumination map - placing and applying

Started by solodesign, June 24, 2010, 10:01:54 AM

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I need to apply a map to an L shaped solid.

I made this map considering the development of the entire surface (short side + long side of the "L").

I tryed to apply it as specularwrapmode in a general material and got something similar to what I needed but I wasn' t able to place the map correctly, with the logo on the short side of the L.

I need to have a self illuminating logo on the short side of this "L" shaped solid.

  • How do I have to make a correct map?
  • How do I place it correctly?

Thank you.



You can find my map attached with previous post.
Here you can find a render with explanation of what I need and a rough idea of the effect.



Have you tried applying this as a label? You are using KeyShot 2, yes?


No, not yet.
I' ve seen the video and I know it' s simpler, but I' m still with the previous version.


Chad Holton

IMO - The best way in the old version is to extrude the "label" slightly so you can apply your preferred material to it.