Maps Alpha, Clipping...leaves on trees...

Started by RonB, June 07, 2010, 04:03:23 PM

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I'll try here maybe have better luck with a response....

So, I downloaded the trial and asked if Keyshot does alpha clipping like for making billboard trees or leaves on modeled trees. A person said yes in the General Texture dialog. I see the Alpha tag but cannot see anywhere to apply the alpha map. Could someone please walk me through that procedure? It would be much appreciated.

Yeah, right then...I figured out the PNG/modulate thing that is needed...

Also, If I do indeed buy the prog is there a more thorough manual that one gets rather than the 12 page pdf that comes with the trial?
Could still use an answer here...



Dear RonB,

I think you should look at how this alpha works, If you select the TIFF format, you can render an image that has the alpha channel. aka transparancy...

can you find this option?




Thanks for the info Sam. I will try the TIFF file format...Don't know where that option is but I will look for it. Did not know that and it was the whole point of my post in the first place. There is no reference to the subject in the manual...or any where that I could find. I did several searches before posting on the 6th.
Yes, I would like very much to look at how this alpha works...where might I do that?

I don't mean to sound negative as I do appreciate your reply but after 3 days your one sentence comment sort of leaves me wondering about general support here...

How does one learn the program...12 pages of PDF leaves a bit to be desired?

You know, seriously, I doubt I am willing to drop 2K for this.

Thanks much though,



I think a lot has to do with the release of KS2 they just launched it now and if they work as I sometimes do, they had a lot to do in the last ruun to the release, usually the support is almost instant.

Also try this helps compared to just posting it on the forum.

in attachement I put a small screenshot where I set the Alpha channel. it's in the Render tab.




Thanks Sam...yes you are probably right...I should have realized they would be busy with V2. I just downloaded the trial for that.

Anyway, it's not the render output of the alpha channel I want. It's a clipping map I am trying to work on. Such as billboard trees or leaves on modeled trees. The common way to render leaves in most other programs.
You know, the leaf is really a simple poly with a leaf texture map and a black and white alpha map to cut out the shape of the leaf. That is what I am looking for.

Thanks again...I apologize for sounding frustrated.



Ok I think I understand, i'll look if I can put this to work,

Can I just ask, so you downloaded V2 trial? (just to know in what version I have to look :-))

I do think i have seen it, but have to look up how it works :-)


So I found this, maybe this gets you going.

Material settings in screenshot, Used a TIFF with black dots as texture, so If my reasoning is correct you can try to make a texture of a leaf, with black background?

let me know if this sounds ok...



Yes, that works! Thanks I guess that TIFF's as well as PNG's will do it.

The shadow and how it contacts the ground is a bit bizarre though I noticed. Can't really use large scale billboard trees for a scene. But it will work for leaves on modeled trees.

Thanks for taking the time...much appreciated. Cheers, Ron



Your welcome!

Can you see if you can play with the ground reflections or the ior out? maybe that helps ?
Or mail me the model you just posted with the texture, I think it's not possible to save the bip file in the trial right?




I think you may need to lift the leaf a little as the geometry sits directly on the ground. This should fix
the shadow issue.


Sam...All it is a single poly with a Tiff map that has an alpha channel and is applied as a texture. I did use a UV in this instance. But that's all it is, I get the same results with a PNG single image with transparency as well.

keyshot...Thanks, I did try that, and even lowering the image below the ground plane...either does not change the shadow. Maybe that is just how it is with Keyshot where as other renderers react differently. With Lightwave for instance, the alpha map can be applied to the object properties as a clipping map or to the material as an alpha map in the transparency channel. Maxwell uses the alpha in the materials set up also. Either program though the renders the leaf as if it were a leaf object casting a proper silhouetted shadow.

Have you guys tried this yourselves to see if you can duplicate what I get

Thanks much,