Any tips for setting one material for a large, Pro/E generated assembly?

Started by NormanHadley, June 25, 2010, 05:18:47 AM

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Hi I'm floating this on the forum just in case someone knows a work-around. I have a large assembly in Pro/E that I want to transfer into Keyshot, setting every surface of every component to the same - glass.

In Pro/E, I am removing all "appearances" (colours, really) from the top level assembly which seems to result in what I want - a completely white assembly. Unfortunately, Pro/E also retains colours at the level of individual parts and these are transferred into Keyshot. Does anyone know a workaround that doesn't involve going into every part and whitening individually?

If it's not possible, can I make that a product feature request - the ability to nullify all imported colours so you can start assigning materials afresh in Keyshot?


My work around is to create a swrink wrap of large asm files that will get a single shadder. (or sometimes i create a copy geom of an asm to only get a side surfaces to reduce file size)

I asm these files into my master asm file and create a simp rep, turning off the original asms that i swrink wraped!

hope that helps.

I second the feature in keyshot to be able to reconize the apperance shadders asigned in the master asm file instead of refering back to the part file. That would speed up my productivity greatly!


Thanks, itsterril, that's working much better. I'm still losing lots of geometry but it might not matter because I'm rendering the whole lot in glass anyway. I'll keep refining the shrinkwrap until I get a sufficient proportion of the geometry through.


If you are using KeyShot 2, you can select all objects in the scene tree and hen drag a material right on top of all of the objects - done!