Some .Catpart not working

Started by captainmikou, June 18, 2013, 03:26:01 AM

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Hi Everybody !

First of all i'm French, so please apologize my mistakes.

Ok i have Keyshot 4.0.74.

I recently tried to import a Product from CATIA (V5R20) and it did not work.

So i tried to import the part of that product and every part were working except for 2.

And it is not necessarily the most complicated parts

Also note that i tried to turn those parts into .stp, and it worked...

An idea ?

Thanking you in advance,

Have a good day !


In order for us to troubleshoot the issue please submit the file directly to

Thanks, Thomas


The file... You mean the catpart not working ?


yes - ideally the whole assembly.



I am having the same problem, apparently some parts of my assembly make Keyshot 4.0 crash. What could I do to prevent this?