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Started by cmindler, February 15, 2013, 07:02:51 AM

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When live linking to keyshot from creo 2.0 Keyshot 4 displays "Waiting for connection" and stays like that till I cancel import.  I saw that there was a Live Linking Network Port under the Advanced tab which is set to 3141.  What should that be set too.  Also does live linking export simplified rep changes from Creo (i.e.  I have these parts turned on then I want these parts turned off and these others turned on) Hopefully otherwise I still can't integrate Keyshot into my workflow for what we are doing as we do a lot off assembly level changes (i.e. multiple simplified reps explodes and views)

Thank you for any help.


I figured out that the selection tool for parts was falling behind the window in creo.  Now that I have that I'm tyring to figure out how to export the simplified rep changes.  I tried picking the parts that are on by selecting the top level assemple in creo since only things visible are the parts that are included in that rep and then I tried selecting three reps I created and the master when updating and nothing works.  exploded orientations appears to work.


You shouldn't have to select anything, not unless you selected "manual update" in the settings. Otherwise the plugin will just recognize the changes, and push over the changed parts.

Chad Holton

It may not be a good idea to turn parts on and off with live linking and simplified reps. As it will forget the materials for the parts you turned back on. Not sure of your setup but it may be best to work with the simplified rep that has all the parts/sub assemblies you want to render and turn them on and off in KeyShot.


I would and have done that since this post, but in our process we have several simplified reps/ explode states and orients that we use within a model setup to generate individual images for various model states for instructions.  Being able to go back and forth between those states in Keyshot (or being able to do a similar thin within keyshot) is very critical if we want to use keyshot for our instruction images (particularly on models that have many steps)  Currently the only way it to start with the entire model and have several bips saved with the various steps.  I must add that we need to be able to easily adjusts those steps and either add or remove components in our process.