Cylindrical Maps??

Started by Jay0, June 14, 2010, 01:05:15 PM

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KeyShot2... How do the cylindrical labeling maps work?  I really need to be able to wrap a label completely around a cylindrical object! Please help!


Have you tried using "cylindrical" projection method?


Using the "cylindrical" projection is what I am trying to do, with no luck.. When I apply a label around a simple cylinder it is shown completely distorted.  If you have any special hints i would really appreciate them.  Thanks!


2 things:

1. The cylinder has to be vertical
2. Uncheck maintain aspect ratio, uncheck repeat, then use the scale sliders to get the correct display of the label.


I am getting a lot of cropping of the label when I place it on the cylinder, and rather than wrapping around the object, the image is basically pinwheeling around a point or tapering down to the left or right of the object.


Having LOTS of problems using the cylindrical map.  Has anyone come across any solutions to get around the cropping / pinwheeling?


If you're using SW, cylindrical maps do not work. There is a basic SW import bug in Keyshot that flips Z to vertical, and unless you built your cylinder in SW along the Z axis (in SW), it will not map correctly. If you do build in Z, then you will still get cropping and compression of your image along the length of the cylinder. It seams that either SW or Keyshot is creating more than just one UV map on a cylindrical surface. We need to be able to control the direction and where the boundary is of UV maps.


I just tested the latest cut today, and can tell you that cylindrical maps will be much improved in 2.1.


Thomas -
Is it safe to say that due to a bug, cylindrical mapping of labels does not currently work with SW? I've tried to map a label to a cylinder in the same manner some of the people posting here have mentioned with the same results.
Is there a rough idea as to when 2.1 will be released and hopefully fix the issue?



Has nothing to do with SW - it is a general issue. We are looking at releasing 2.1 by the ned of September.


Getting a very similar problem.  Cylindrical map not scaling to shape and normal projection cropping the image.  Infuriating.  Please advise


What version of KeyShot are you using and what are you trying to map?