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He already wrote, that you can download the models from there and that it is the assembly XX0010-FT2-MA0040.

Yeah me too. Out of 3 models that I have imported into my new copy of KeyShot, 2 had missing sections - and I bought KeyShot only to use with Inventor. That's a pretty poor average, anyone in the KeyShot team think of doing any testing? It's not the customer's job to test your product btw. Lofts seem to do it easily (but that's just what I happen to be using right now). Add a few test cases with lofts to your test suite?

On a slightly different subject, how come Inventor's standard display real-time render is better than Keyshot's 30s render? Some settings somewhere?

Another one - this time from step files. Not sure how the missing square chunk comes about - there's no actual geometry defined there. Can we have a commitment to fix this bug? Timescale?

Ah the silence of a software vendor that can't be bothered to fix obvious bugs...


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