how to fix warped perspective view

Started by techdoku, December 05, 2012, 11:31:45 PM

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I have problems with my camera settings:

i do render some stoves for our new catalouge, and I would like to set the camera for all models the same view.
my problem is that the stoves are warped.
I tried different settings - always the same. in the view (attached) the settings are:

... how can I get my models straight?


What do you mean "warped" ?  You mean that the top is wider than the bottom ?

You can:
- slide Perspective to the right (100 or so).
- switch to Orthographic  :-\

Either way, that's a perspective effect which you do have in real as well.  Some camera's have tilting lens mechanism (if I'm not mistaken) to cancel that effect, but that's cheating.  You can do that same thing with Photoshop in post.



i talked to a photographer and he also told me, that this is normal and like in reality.


I have some colegues that work in product management and they order illustrations .. then they tell me the perspective looks weird cuz the vertical lines are not parallel.

They all know that the perspective lines tend to merge left and right ... but fail to realise that they just as well merge up and down.  Probably because our "world" is wider horizontal than vertical  ;)

But just to keep them happy, I tend to put the camera more at the same height as the object I render.  Being at a 0 degr. up-down-angle compared to your object cancels out most of the up-down-perspective.
It does however make your shot way less dramatic.


Also, get rid of the twist angle, and increase focal length to anything between 75 - 105mm.


I'd vote for tilt/shift capabilities in KS, or at least shift. When we shoot product shots, I use T/S lenses probably 80% of the time.


In KeyShot 4, you can enter numerical values for the camera. This will allow you to "shift" the lens.