HELP: Gloss Silver Metallic + Polished/Chrome

Started by crimson, March 04, 2013, 10:15:28 AM

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Hello Keyshot world!

Complete 100% super newbie here. I`m developing some renders for a wheel company, and I have been able to obtain a very good animation sequence (All I need to do is a 360 rotation animation) but for some reason I can't seem to get a silver paint that looks realistic on the face. They all look very dull and non-reflective. I`m trying to make it look like the image below. The outer and inner rim halves look ok on my render but on the face it looks very very dull. Any ideas?

Chad Holton

Hello crimson - welcome to KeyShot world!

Making something look good for all angles can be tough sometimes. What you probably need is just something more to reflect at those angles, so a good environment is key. I assume these are completey flat surfaces giving you a hard time. Try using an environment like the "3 panels tilted" or an outdoor one. What I like to do is go to that angle (that looks dull) and play with the environment settings there as the rest of the angles should look good since there are more things happening and such. Hope this helps some.


I`ll give that a try. I have to have these done on a white background as they are to be used as product animations for a website. Let's see what I can do. Any other ideas or anybody that can help with this project? I can offer financial compensation if needed  :-[


It may be necessary to adjust the lighting environment using the HDR Editor, if you have the Pro version.

Are you looking at rendering 360


If you haven't done it, you may want to have the face material be a different (but similar) material that you can tweak a bit to be more reflective than the other parts to get it to pop more.