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For Photographers
« on: February 23, 2010, 12:40:58 pm »
I realize that Keyshot's user base tends to be mainly Industrial Designers, however as a photographer/retoucher there are a few improvements I'd like to see in the next version.

Camera Control
Adjusting the camera with the left mouse click is OK for rough placement but trying to position the camera precisely particularly with longer lenses can be extremely frustrating, the slightest move of the mouse and the camera can move abruptly.
We should be able to move and rotate the camera on any axis in small precise increments.

Also having a proper Architect/ DOF Camera with lens shift on both axes would be a great improvement, considering that such functionality is available in most other render engines including open source software it shouldn't be that difficult to add it to Keyshot.

Being able to save a camera position/lens etc. separate to the scene (like saving a material to the material library) would be a great help as well.

Colour Management
Photographers can be a bit obsessive about colour management issues so being able to render your Image into your chosen RGB workspace with an embedded ICC profile would be a great advantage. I know not every renderer has this ability although LuxRender comes to mind as one which does.
At the very least we should be able to render our Images as a 16 bit tiff file. 8 bit tiff files can break up (posterize) very quickly with any kind of adjustment in Photoshop. I know I can render to a 32 bit exr but this work flow isn't really practical as Photoshop isn't fully 32 bit enabled yet and tone mapping all my 32bit files down to 16bit would be a lot of extra work.