Started by dnelson, July 07, 2010, 05:53:44 AM

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I am running Alibre Designâ,,¢ Professional 12.1
It comes with Keyshot 1.9.54
(Some time when the 2 companys get their sh*t together, Alibre owners will get licences for Keyshot 2)

Anyway, I spent the money to upgrade my maintenance account with Alibre for the sole purpose of utilizing KeyShot.  (Because besides version upgrades, Alibre Support is never online...  so whats the point of paying for it right?)

So I'm all excited to try out KeyShot even though it's not the new release.  Alibre can only export *.stp, so I tries a few parts, played around, all is good.  Till I wanted to do large projects...   I can't import them!!!

I get this every time. 

keyshot_geometry.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

AppName: keyshot_geometry.exe           AppVer:      ModName: tkernel.dll
ModVer:       Offset: 00037250

it also tells me to write to ""  which i have,  but much like Alibre they don't reply. 

Is there an updated dll?  or another file format?  hardware issue?  anyone help?


I have imported STEP214 files from Alibre and occasionally experience problems with helical and fillet surfaces.  I have not had problems with relatively large files >500 parts. 
The Alibre delay to upgrade users to KeyShot V2 is a real disappointment.  Alibre is modifying their software to output OBJ files directly to KeyShot.  Unfortunately this will only be available when Alibre releases their next upgrade version sometime in the forth quarter of this year.


@dnelson - we will get in touch with you. We found your e-mail in the SPAM folder. That may want to consider cleaning up your e-mail signature or something so this doesn't happen again.



Some of the info here is incorrect. We will be releasing a new version of AD 12.1 alongside KeyShot for CAD next week (week of July 12). Alibre Design will not export OBJ files - rather it will export native KeyShot BIP files.

Nearly all geometry issues have been taken care of due to native BIP creation and avoiding STEP translation.

Have a few days of patience and then get your free upgrade to AD12.1 r2.

Max Freeman
Alibre Inc.



Alibre Max
Got frustrated from the long wait and no update so I phoned Alibre rep (Yulia) and KeyShot rep (Brian) last week.  Guess things may have changed or there was a misunderstanding.
Looking forward to the Alibre export and Keyshot import capability.