Data import tutorial does not match Keyshot data import

Started by jeffw, April 11, 2013, 09:59:24 AM

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I am going through the online Keyshot 4 tutorial lessons. Lesson 4 "Data import" shows an import dialog box that does not match the actual Keyshot 4 as can be seen here. The tutorial shows an "adjust environment to fit geometry" but there is no option for this in my import options. What gives?


Ok, I think I found the problem here. I have a blank template that I use because it has the setting I like. I made the template by deleting the geometry. Keyshot seems to remember that there was previous geometry and give a different import dialog box for it. I tried the import with a new KS document and got the dialog box that is seen in the tutorial. I guess there is no way to make a template file and get the first time import dialog box. On to the next thing.