Wanting to learn modo 601 @ Luxology modo Authorized Training Center

Started by DriesV, January 08, 2013, 03:35:27 AM

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I want to learn modo 601 to complement SolidWorks. It will be for personal use only, for the time being. I currently have no experience with polygon/subD modeling.
I considered learning the package on my own with all the learning materials available, but that strategy doesn't fit very well into my life right now.  ;)

That's why I looked at official modo trainings at Luxology modo Authorized Training Centers.
One company 3dstudio.nl offers a basic modo training in the Netherlands. It is a 4 day crash course in modo's functionalities with weeks of excercise in-between.

Great! Cost is high, though (atleast in my book  ;D). This 4 day course will set me back 1600 euros (400 euros/day) excl. VAT. I'm willing to pay that amount, IF the training is effective.

So I'm reaching out to the modo guys here... Have any of you done an official modo training? Would you recommend it?

I'm aware that mastering ANY CAD tool requires a lot of exercise and time, but I'm hoping for a training to get me moving in the right direction fast.  ;)



Further question .. how does modo 601 compare to 3D Max and Blender ?


ME TOO!!!  I've had modo 601 for three months now, and can't find any easily available help to even get started.  I need it to integrate with SolidWorks, likely with TSelements.  With 10 years as a SolidWorker, overcoming mindset and habits are my biggest problems, but frankly, the training offered is not very helpful, and quite arcane.  I know it takes hard work, as with any seriious app, but easy-to-start training is absent with modo.  Sure wish there was a book on it, like with almost every other app.  I'd like to find someone in the San Diego (CA, USA) area that I could retain for a "jump start", as I know modo is a fantastic app.
Bill G


Bill, did you take (the 4 day basic) training from an authorized training center?


Chad Holton

Hey guys! Just a FYI to kinda go along with PhilippeV8 - I highly recommend starting with Blender. Not only is the program 100% free, there's also a load of free help with it too (YouTube, Website, etc.) There's even Blender for Dummy books that exist (those aren't free but they're cheap). It will help get your head wrapped around that type of modeling and such. The program also has the compositing system, UV mapping and much more, built right in. The Diner scene I posted recently was modeled and UV mapped in Blender and it all came together great in KeyShot.


I have blender intalled here at work, but haven't done anything usefull with it since.  I installed it to convert from one format to another .. which didn't work.
I read that for blender, since there are so many versions around its sometimes hard to find a fix for your problem cuz what works in one version doesn't always in the next or the previous ..  (that was one of the cons compared to 3Ds)


Not a specific course, but have yo guys tried these youtube tutorials?


Seems to be a lot of good stuff there. The trouble with these is taking the time to actually learn them, as (at least in my case) work seems to get in the way! I'd like to find a US based training place to take a 3-4 day dive into Modo.


Hi I just happened to see this thread while looking for some other information and thought it was worth posting. My name is Ellery Connell. I am an artist and trainer. I run private training sessions, group training (live and online) and I have a book as well as a number of video training series available for modo. If any of you are interested in individualized or group instruction you can email me for additional information at esconnell (at) mac (dot) com.

<edit> almost forgot, I have a lot of free training videos up on YouTube as well:

Happy Rendering!

- Ellery