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Started by Jazz, April 17, 2013, 05:42:19 AM

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I would first like to say THANK YOU for such an awesome program!

Best money iv spent on software as of yet (with 3dsmax coming in a very close second)

I know that there have been questions regarding importing a camera from max into keyshot (which was said would be resolved in keyshot4 [has it? -i'm still getting issues])

I would like to know if it is at all possible to import a camera animation from 3dsmax into keyshot?

The reason im asking is because I am busy putting together a building walkthrough sequence. I was planning on creating most of the project in max (models, camera animations, etc) and then importing the entire scene into keyshot for adding the materials.

(I tried to do it vice versa whereby I create the models in max, export them as .OBJ files and import those into keyshot whereby I add materials to them, export them out as .OBJ again and import into max. I have been running into problems with this on the max side. The .OBJ files that I import into max from keyshot are completely out of symetry and the materials are solid colours with no details or texture)

I have searched EXTENSIVELY on the internet for a workaround to this, but the majority of users are just using keyshot for still image creation it seems.

ANY advise or direction regarding this would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

3D Off the Page

I am trying to do the same thing!!

What I'm trying to do now is create a script for max that will save each time frame as a separate file (instead of manually clicking forward on frame then save-as).  Then open the first one with KS and create a material template.  I'm hoping that I can do an import for each file applying the created material template, go to the max camera that is imported and render the scene.  Then pull all of the rendered files into Sony Vegas and create a wmv to view the animation.

It's not a perfect fix but then I'm hoping it will work.  It would be nice if we could import a selection of files, apply a material template, select a camera, render settings and output to a file.

I'm also open to any other options.


@SSEAGER - That sounds like and interesting (yet still cumbersome) workaround for now.

I dont know much about maxscript (and dont have the time to sit and learn it) so I don't see this as a solution for me.
The render im doing is also about 5minutes long, so saving a single file for every frame at 25fps would equate to about 7500 files!!!!

As Iv said, Im also still having issues with just importing a camera from max to keyshot. The position of the camera in keyshot is not just "slightly out of position"... it is COMPLETELY different. (I cant even locate any objects in my scene...its entirely black, as if the camera is looking out into space when it should be focused on planet earth [a metaphor whereby planet earth is my scene])

3D Off the Page

I'm now having that same issue with the camera.  I export to bip and open in KS.  The camera is focused at the floor instead of the area that it was in 3DS.

Any fix for this?


I have gone back to using max's material usage until a fix (or explanation) for this is given...