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labels and layered shader
« on: April 15, 2013, 11:12:33 pm »
hi guys,

now that I am playing with the girl portrait I am finding myself wanting to apply some mascara on the eyelids (I already have eyeliner texture applied as a label instead of having it baked into the diffuse color)
I like the fact that in the label is possible to set label intensity, spec color and IOR .. its .missing the roughness though.
I Was thinking that If I wanted to do something similar , to apply  a color as label to the lips I might want different roughness or glosiness in those areas...different from that of the skin itself.

Actually this would go more into something that its been already asked about layering up shaders and having more flexibility to be creative on the shading side.  For instance for the mascara, by looking at references, having a blended material like a car paint  on top of the skin could do the trick..since a lot of those mascaras are shiny and sparkly :)

just throwing my thoughts there :)