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Keyshot plugin 3ds Max 2015 import
« on: August 20, 2014, 04:50:32 am »
Thank you for taking time to read this

I am very new to 3d modelling and rendering, having evaluated several stand alone rendering software keyshot i found to be easiest to use and most user friendly.

I have made a model in 3ds max 2015 which i exported as bip using the plugin from the downloads, however when it comes in to keyshot the dimension seem to be different, when i add label on bottle i made it shows as tiny spec. and the label is around 1200px 

2. it doesnt seem to importing all the materials from 3ds max, esp things i added myself into 3ds max - i..e not the standard materials that come with 3ds max - is there a solution for this?

3. It also seems to be missing a layer, i have a glass bottle, with liquid inside - so i can put material in keyshot on top surface i.e. the glass but not on the inside i.e. add the liquid,  any suggestions for this please.

Look forward to your reply,

Kind Regads