Can we fix the solidworks import translation please

Started by quigley, July 13, 2010, 03:52:05 PM

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When SW parts come in, they come in rotated 90 degrees (z up). Can this be fixed ASAP? Driving me nuts at the moment!

Robert V.



Thomas mentioned to me that the SolidWorks issues are almost finished, so I'm patient.  "Patience has its perfect work" as was once said.

Just for grins, I imported three SolidWorks parts from the same model.  Here's how they imported.  All I did was rotate each to vertical.  The hood is about 18" high, as is the grill shell.  The tire is 30 inches in diameter.  I set the focal length to 100 just to minimize perspective issues.

I can understand different apps opening at different scales, but these are all from the same model. 

All in all, I'm fast becoming a big fan of KS2!

Bill G


I just updated to 2.0.6 and imported assemblies still are rotated 90 degrees.