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Started by Josh3D, June 19, 2014, 07:41:39 AM

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With KeyShot 5, we have introduced KeyShot Cloud.

KeyShot Cloud is an online library where you can download new resources, and share your own custom assets. Opening the KeyShot Cloud enables easy drag-and-drop downloading of new resources into your local KeyShot Library, and quick search features and filters to find the perfect resources for your scene.

The KeyShot Cloud is accessible directly from inside KeyShot. When a user is logged into the KeyShot Cloud, you may browse, download, and upload KeyShot resources. Currently supported KeyShot resources are: Materials, Backplates, Textures and HDRI Environments.

Rather than posting here, please share your resources on KeyShot Cloud. If you have shared a resource here in the past, open the corresponding scene in KeyShot and select Upload from the KeyShot Library Window after selecting the resource to upload.