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Started by edwardo, May 29, 2013, 10:16:08 AM

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Hello all,

Im looking to progress and evolve my renderings and keyshot skills, particularly in the automotive field (just for fun). Basically Im on the scrounge and looking for some decent car geometry to play with. The big players on this forum in terms of automotive imagery seem to be Feher, Tsunami, and Egon (apologies if i missed people). My question to you guys is....

where do you get decent geometry from - Are you in the industry and being supplied with the models to render? are you purchasing the models from decent 3D libraries? Are you significantly better than me at finding free stuff of decent quality. Are you modelling yourselves from scratch?

I hope you don't mind me asking and I don't mean to be guilty of any professional faux pas. If anyone Has any geometry they would be willing to share (even really old stuff - as long as the geometry is decent) I would be most grateful. Similarly, If anyone has any links (to decent quality, free auto models) they could share, that would be great too. If anyone can help, please pm me.

Thanks a lot


If nothing else check out Turbosquid. They have some very good models. They are not free, though.



GrabCAD has some pretty nice free models


I think Feher, Tsunami, and Egon make some if not all their models.