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Started by jhiker, June 27, 2013, 01:54:52 AM

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I'm curious to know how others organise their Keyshot resource folders.
I've just updated (full install - not update) to the latest version and let KS4 install to the default location - see pic.

Where do you keep your customised materials, environments, textures and so on?
Do you chuck them in to the default folders or keep them entirely separate?

I have a 'shared resources' folder in which I have the default resources and my customised ones but I'm not sure it's the neatest way - I just spent quite a while pointing Keyshot to the shared directories via 'Edit/Preferences/Folders' screen and i have to do this every time I update to a newer version. I think I need to do a bit of housekeeping and weed out some duplicates.


I am always wondering the same thing. I tend to keep all my custom stuff on an external drive - my 'resources drive'. Reason being I can take it with me wherever... and can use HDRI's, all tiled materials and normal/bump maps in whatever program i use, or might use in the future. Obviously custom keyshot materials can only be used in keyshot and .hdz environments are unique as well, so i tend to just save them locally.

On the topic of .HDZs, will Keyshot ever be able to save out .HDRs? I want the freedom to flip between keyshot, HDRLightStudio, and possibly Maya in the future. I understand that .hdz allows you to offer environments online just for keyshot users, which is cool, but why cant we output more flexibly?



Here's how I deal with custom content.   My 160 GB C-drive is apps only, but down to 8 GB left!  (Gotta do something fast!) So to conserve disc space I point all KS resources to my E drive when I install.  Then, I have primary folders for "Clients" and "Projects" (mine), each with sub-folders as necessary.  I have them for Materials, Backplates and Environments.  These in turn have sub-folders for, as an example, for Environments: Interiors, Exteriors, Outdoors (which for me are different than exteriors) Studio, Office, Medical (OR's, clinical, etc.) Industrial and Buildings.  Same sort of thing for Materials, to which I've added special additional categories.

With each tweaked material or edited environment I save them to the appropriate folder, and cull them out later as needed.

So, although it sounds complicated, the workflow is smooth, and with each new install I simply back everything up first, then copy/paste the custom folders ONLY into the new KS Resource folders as appropriate.  Be really careful not to overwrite the neat new stuff that comes with each new install.

Bill G


One thing I would say is that its worth creating a low res version of every HDRI you have if thats feasible (1000x500 is good). It allows you to view a thumbnail much quicker when importing a new environment (i use apple's quicklook feature by hitting the space bar - its really useful). But also it lets you quickly test environments in keyshot, even on my old banger of a laptop the image clears up really quickly.