3DConnexion Space Navigator Config file for Keyshot 4

Started by FaragoDesign, July 09, 2013, 01:31:49 PM

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Setup 3DConnexion Space Navigator for Keyshot 4

Driver: 3DxWareMac_v10-0-11
Firmware: 4.35

Pretty happy with these settings -  :)

Have attached my configuration setup as "Keyshot4Config.3dc" which can be imported by Device Driver



I wanted to thank the user for posting the 3DConnexion configuration settings. I am currently using a Space Navigator (usb version) with KeyShot 4.2.35 for the Mac and the settings work great!

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Thanks for sharing these settings...for me, they *mostly* work right. The only problem is they add a small degree of 'twist' which doesn't keep the horizon line level. All my other 3D apps automatically keep the 'twist' at 0. Does anyone know of any way to *lock down* the twist?

I'm using a SpaceMouse Wireless and a Mac. Thanks for any help anyone can give!