PC Build for modelling and rendering

Started by ianmurchison, July 26, 2013, 12:44:45 PM

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So I'm trying to spec out a machine that will be used mainly for KeyShot and Rhino 3D use.

What should I focus on when setting up a computer for this? Cores, clock speed, ram, graphics card? It's been probably 10 years since I've pieced together a PC. I'm not looking to build the best there is, but something thats the best bang for my buck in the $1000-1200 range ideally, but I'm willing to spend more if needed. Looking to build something that will last me 3-4 years.


All you need is cores. and RAM depending on size of the models. Of course the higher the clock speed of the processors is, the faster KeyShot will run. Make sure to visit the Benchmark board on this forum.


So the graphics card doesn't come in to play at all with Keyshot? Maybe I was thinking Bunkspeed shot that uses CUDA cores? (we used both at my previous job)


Let Rhino drive your graphics card choice, and I'm sure they have recommendations.  But for KeyShot, put in as many cores as you can get!  I'm using 8 (dual quad-core), on Win7x64, and 16 gigs of RAM, which is great so far, perfect for SolidWorks, and KS runs like a rocket.  But my new box will have 16 cores.  My card is an antique Nvidia Quadro 1700.
Bill G