Keyshot 3 crashes on open of large .BIP

Started by Ryno, August 03, 2013, 11:19:46 AM

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Chad Holton

Awesome - thanks for the update. Would you be able to share the large HDR for testing purposes? If so, please use and send it to [email protected]


Sure, I'll upload it in a few moments.

I got the one render done (took a little over an hour and fifteen minutes) without any hiccups. I'll try again on Saturday (my better half has informed me that we're going out for drinks with friends after work...) and let you know how I make out.

For what it's worth, this HDR hasn't caused me any problems in the past. I think it's just a matter of a combination of very large scene (~8 or 9 instances of my Prototype) with the large HDR. It's a lot to handle, I guess.

[EDIT] File is up!

Chad Holton

It's a strange case but glad it's working for you so far. Thanks for sharing the file, Ryno!



Quick update from my end- I sent Brandon the SolidWorks assembly and parts file of the "big one", at 818 MB, for review.  I think, if opened successfully in KeyShot, it will result in > 100,000,000 polys and about 6 GB's or so.  Also sent another that was only 139 MB that would open, but with many missing parts and funky surfaces.  We'll see what happens.  In my case I'm not using large HDR's.
Bill G


Quote from: Speedster on August 09, 2013, 06:03:22 AMAlso sent another that was only 139 MB that would open, but with many missing parts and funky surfaces.

What method are you using to import? Initially I was importing by dragging and dropping the file into the Keyshot window, using the beta importer (KS3, SW2013) and early on the modeling process I was already have a lot of trouble with it. Faces weren't showing up, some were doubled up, etc. It was consistently the same faces that were giving me trouble, too, every time.

Then I tried the SW plugin and everything imported fine, first try. My Solidworks file is around 140MB I think. Also worth noting; even with the tesselation setting turned down in the importer, I couldn't duplicate the car without Keyshot crashing. When I used the plugin through SW, I could apply all materials and duplicate it without issue.

... Of course, now it won't open the .BIP sometimes. :P


QuoteWhat method are you using to import?

All methods, all fail.  DnD, direct from the File/Import tab, and direct from the Import tab at the bottom.  I tested with new importer (beta) checked and unchecked- both fail, but sometimes unchecked succeeds.  Importing from the SolidWorks plug-in crashes SolidWorks, but only on large assemblies, never parts, and seldom with smaller sub-assemblies.

I should mention that I have done two clean un-installs and re-installs, but the issue remains.  I'm running Win7x64, with16 gigs of RAM on 8 cores.

My workaround against tight client deadlines has been to import my SW assembly into SimLab Animator (SimLab Composer works also) and convert/export as an .obj, which always opens fine except with X up instead of Y.  And the Scene Tree does not retain SW naming.

But I've noticed that this large file and SW plugin issue has appeared in many threads since v3, and is especially nasty now in 4.1, so I
sure hope it's fixed soon.  It's been a vexing issue for us and the Luxion Team as well.

Bill G

Brandon Davis


Thank you for the files. I have confirmed the issue here, and the issue has been filed in our tracker. We will notify you when a fix has been made.


Just had a hiccup. The file loaded OK, but then I tried to change a material setting before it finished rendering material spheres and KS locked up. Loaded it up again, let it finish the spheres, then I changed the material and started a render. At 57% completion of the render, I got this error. I have not clicked 'OK' and it is still rendering, so hopefully it can finish and save the render before it crashes again.


That render finished, and rendered fine. I was able to load it all up again and do some more renders that night as well. Now I have one more render that I have to get done, but I can't open the file again. Tried removing the HDR again as well, but it's still not loading up. Even after a fresh system reboot to clear the RAM...