KeyShot4.1 --- Blurred texture

Started by ohashi3d, July 17, 2013, 03:23:22 PM

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Hi KeyShooters,

I'm enjoying KeyShot life, but I noticed a strange behavior : texture is blurred in some case.

Here is a plate which material setting is Emissive with texture...I always use this setting for LCD expression.

ScreenShot has no problem, but if it's rendered with "Advanced control" render option,
the texture became heavily blurred.
I tried "Sharper texture filtering" option but not enough improved as realtime rendering.
With "Maximum samples" render options, I got clear image in "Still Image" case.
But in "Animation" case, the texture became blurred again...
Interestingly, "Sharper texture filtering" setting in "Advanced control" is affecting rendered result in "Maximum samples" case.
I attached some images and my simple bip file.
This issue is fatal for me...I hope that it will be fixed in next update!

Thanks in advance and best regards,


I know it is a simple model, but can you save the package file and upload it so we can get the texture as well?




BTW - you can fix it if you change the mapping from UV coordinates to box mapping and adjust the scale. Maximum time or maximum samples will also work - no need to change the projection type in either case.


I seem to be struggeling with the same issue.
I however, have this problem within a single animation.

One frame would render with a sharp texture, the next one would be really blurred!
I tried the fixes posted above, but it was already on box mapping.
Changing from max. samples to max. time or advanced settings dit not make a difference.

Is this a Keyshot bug, or me making mistakes?

@Kyosen, did you manage to fix this?


Within my experiences;

'UV Coordinates' projection type makes blurred image at animation rendering,
even if with  'Maximum samples' Quality option...

'Box Map' (and 'Planar Y') works fine in my test case posted this thread, at least...