Importing geometry with vertex paint from ZBrush

Started by clau1000, October 08, 2013, 01:49:43 PM

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I am trying to import geometry with polypaint (zbrush's vertex paint) from ZBrush, saved as an OBJ file and to get it to display in Keyshot, but can't seem to make it work. Any ideas on how I can get it to display the vertex paint ?

Thanks in advance !


You will need to use the plugin. Please contact to get a link sent to you.


i've been doing some tests... im new to keyshot, but i what i did so far, and seemed to work so far (but not sure if good enough) is: i create the base mesh in zbrush, detail it... then... retopologize it with zRemesher, then... i use UVMaster to create the UV's, then i make all the polypaint and create and texture map - "New from Polypaint"... after this, i just export the .obj and import it into Keyshot... usually, the obj keeps the polypaint when you open it in keyshot, but when i change the material, it disappears lol but... then you can apply any material and import a new texture map, and choose to display it as "UV Coordinates", i think its that...
i really want to try the GoZ plugin for Keyshot, because, im not sure if what im doing its the best way... so far, i only did a couple of tests, but i havent rendered a full model with all kind of details and polypaint...