Camera location at a specific frame?

Started by BrentShanahan, February 04, 2014, 01:58:42 PM

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So I'm creating a series of animations to be put together later in a video editing software.

In my second scene I start with the model out of the scene and after a few camera animations, end it with the model right in view. I need to start the next animation at that same exact point that the previous one left off.

The problem is that when I add "camera 2" on the last frame it inherits the location dimensions of the start of the "camera 1" prior to all the translational things I did with the camera.

How do I add a new camera on a specific frame and have it inherit it's location from that exact spot in the scene and not from the other camera's start point?


Currently you can only have one camera in your animation.


I understand that.

I am using the same scene and exporting multiple individual animations from it to be composited later in a video editing software, so I need multiple cameras to export specific animations from each. Even if I have to delete the previous camera and it's animations to get it to work, that it is what I need to do.

My question isn't so much about using multiple cameras though, but instead how I find the world location of the camera after it has been translated through a number of animations. That way I can put my new camera's at very exact locations based on the location of the previous camera.

The camera's location details stay at it's original location from the start of the animation. Is there no way to get updated location values after it has been moved around the scene using animations?


Hi Brent,
What you are trying to do requires a bit of 'manual' work (at least that's how I managed to do it)  :)

When you copy the XYZ form the animation wizard settings, go on the camera settings> absolute and add it there. Then save the camera or viewset. This camera will be the starting point for your new camera translation.

Hope that's what you are asking.