Max_2013 and KS4

Started by jbeau, June 16, 2013, 01:10:25 PM

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I haven't really tested the plugin until today, but I found that everything works except for the camera twist value doesn't get ported over. It took an additional few seconds to make the camera match 100%. This is for both camera types, not a big deal.

Textures with tile values come over perfect as long as thet are standard mats. VRAY isnt supported, but with simple script its easily corrected. Other procedurals must be baked. I would like to see 100% self illuminated mats = emissive in KS.

I can't wait to see object/camera transform animation work some day by baking keyframes. Is there any timeline on live link working with 3DS?  This would be a great timesaver as I often have to make mid model changes to vehicles year over year and managing that over a full product line can be cumbersome.

Great work, thank you!!!


We will see what can be done.


Are you planning to release 3dsmax 2014 update ?