Camera managing for interiors rendering?

Started by solodesign, April 09, 2010, 04:00:28 AM

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Hi guys,
I' m very new with this software and I' m still getting used to it.
Previous softwares allowed me to place camera wherever I needed to get the right angle.
With this method I was able to move freely inside a virtual 3D model of an apartment, a shop or whatever.
By now I realize there is no similar managing in KeyShot and I can just get closer to the object by changing camera focal lenght.
I know I can hide parts but this means I' m obliged to divide walls before import.
Is there any other way to achieve rendering of interior places?
Thank you all for your effort.



I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want to achieve but Keyshot's camera is controlled with hot keys, press 'K' on your keyboard to see a list.

You can move the camera through a model by pressing 'Alt+Right mouse+drag' this will dolly the camera backwards and forwards. Once the camera is where you want it you can save its position, 'Alt+C'. You can save as many positions as you want and jump through them from the camera tab, they get saved with your scene.


This looks really helpful.
I' will try and tell you if it is what I need.

I just made a try and achieved to enter inside a closed object.
As an interior rendering is like a bigger complex closed object you have to move in, this should work.
Anyway there are still problems with lighting as I can' t freely put light sources inside.