Issue regarding moving objects

Started by number12, November 12, 2013, 05:43:55 AM

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I think there may be a bad bug in Keyshot, on our machine running this software we re-position an object and as we tick the OK to confirm it goes back to it's original position. It's causing something of a problem as this is the first time we've tried to rely on this software for a deadline and it seems to be letting us down.

Anybody got any thoughts on what's going on here?...   :-\

Chad Holton

Hey Ant,

I haven't been able to reproduce with some files I had. Would you care to share the BIP file with us? If so, please send to
If it's fairly large (10+ meg), please use the upload link I sent you yesterday.



Chad, we're on a deadline right now but I'll send it over to you ASAP. (Thanks for all your help previously, it's the same file I sent you earlier)

We actually managed to manually type in the coordinates (which was pretty painstaking if I'm honest) and the model part seemed to snap into the right position, from that we didn't touch ANYTHING and then just rendered, it rendered fine.