*Request* Material Sample Ball

Started by JKersh, March 05, 2011, 07:54:51 PM

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I 've seen a few posts on the board with material samples/scenes.


I was wondering if anyone could upload just a standard or basic 3D model to test/tweak new materials.

Similar to the ones at Maxwell and VRay.



There is a material ball that comes with KeyShot 2.2. We haven't quite decided whether this is the final model, but we are close. Plus, we will need to set up a default scene.


Doesn't it need a reference of some sort as well ?  For the scale of the materials (textures)?
Now I assume that this KS-ball is like a table ornament with a diameter +/- 10cm ... but I could be way off as well :)


... and yes, that too. That is part of the "default" scene I was talking about.