Updating CHANGES in sketchup imports to Keyshot

Started by rkulshrestha, March 05, 2010, 10:11:29 AM

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Can we have an update feature in Keyshot? If I make changes in Sketchup and import into Keyshot, the changes are seen in the import and I don't have to apply the materials all over again.



Have you tried using the 'retain materials' option upon import?


Thanks! That worked.

What a pleasure it is to be working with Keyshot again. And the forum responses are great.

For your new customers, you do need to make the collection of video tutorials available.

Lights, we need lights, point and spot lights. This should be quite easy actually, just make some spotlights with emmissive materials already available. Import it from the collection and hide part. Dont know if that would make the light invisible if the part is invisible. Anyway once you do that everyone will start asking for realtime changing of the light intensity  :)