IGES import no seperate layers

Started by markw, August 10, 2010, 02:52:45 AM

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I was used to importing iges where I had put different surfaces on different layers before exporting so that I could apply different materials to these layers or surfaces.
When importing to Keyshot 2.0.46 XP64 bit the layers are not respected and when I check 'keep individual parts' it invariably does not import.

Any help?
Thanks MArk


You can always switch back to the old importers under Preferences / Importers.

What modeling tool are you using?


I tried that and I get error messages.

Using VX.

All was ok with Hypershot 1.9?

Migrating to Keyshot now.


Yes - HS 1.9 used different importers. If you can share the file, then we can take a look.