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1919 Speedway Race Cars
« on: August 13, 2010, 01:38:45 pm »
Hi all;

Added two more Model T's to my growing collection.  Totals six to date, with five more to go.  Gotta get a bigger garage!

These are the famous 1919 "Speedway" torpedo bodied Model T racers that set the design standard for race cars until the 1940's.  Louis Chevrolet placed 7th in the 1919 INDY 500, driving a Speedway bodied "Fronty Ford", qualifing at a fast 103.100 MPH, much faster than the Duesenbergs.

#5 and #8 are the same, but #8 has the popular spun steel wheels for "better aerodynamics".  The upswept cowl directed the high speed 60+ MPH airstream up and over the driver's helmetless head.  Most drivers wore bowties so they did not have to tuck their ties into their shirts.

Brakes only on the rear, with a hot RAJO OHV head conversion and dual side-draft carbs, and a Ruxtel transmission.  These cars usually had headlights, as they were daily drivers during the week, and speed demons on Saturday!

The Speedways were so popular they served as the design for the first all metal manufactured "pedal car" that every boy wanted under their Christmas tree.

Modeled in SolidWorks, HDR is the KS "Factory".  Backplates are mine.  1,770,218 polys.  I've posted .obj's for these on just search under Gould Studios.

Bill G

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Re: 1919 Speedway Race Cars
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Great job on the head lights.  The sheet metal really feels like painted metal. Is that just standard auto paint?