Decals disappearing in Render Que Renders

Started by Robb63, January 06, 2014, 12:24:00 PM

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I am rendering an iPad Air, and every time I render it using the render queue the large decal of the screen doesn't render. It will render correctly if I just hit the render button though.

To try it again, I reset the camera to one of the angles I need (the decal is showing in the realtime view), added the image to the queue and hit render. Same thing again, no decal. So, I don't touch anything and just use the render button and it renders perfectly!!

What is happening???


I forwarded the issue to support. We will let you know what we find.

Bruno F

It seems like the label was moved to a different directory after it was applied.  Here's what you can do:

1.  Open your scene.
2.  Go to the Project window > Material > Labels tab and double-click the label thumbnail.  Then browse to the decal image and click Open.   This will update the label while maintaining scale and other settings.
3.  Save your scene

If the issue persists, please contact tech support at


Hi Bruno,
Actually the path for the decal has never changed, and I had applied two different screen decals on there and both of them disappeared during the "render queue" renders, but not the "render now" renders.

The decal is on an external hard drive that is connected via Cat-5 to my Asus router and the desktop I am using is also connected via Cat-5 to the same router.

The problem did go away after I quit and restarted Keyshot. Don't know if any of those facts are clues or not??