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Started by danidin, March 01, 2010, 09:25:34 AM

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i imported a rhino file into my scene, nothing special, applied on a 'white paint' material, all looked great on the real time view and when i launched the render i get a light burn at the top of the object and the scene is over exposed from the top, its like there is a constant spot light above the objects in a close range, this appear in different files i tried working on (all rhino imported and are native mash files).
are you aware of this bug?
any thing that can be done?




In realtime, make sure to go to the settings tab and click "detailed indirect illumination". This will make your realtime look match the final render output.



thank you Thomas! that helped!!
another thing, can i control this light?
turn it off of adjust the intensity?



You can adjust brightness of the hdri in the environment tab.