Importing an IGES

Started by Scorch, March 10, 2010, 08:20:17 AM

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Is there a physical size limitation of an IGES file to be imported? I am trying to import an IGES file created from a Pro/e assembly that is about 165 MB in size. I have been importing for 45 minutes, the system shows activity and does not appear to be hung up. Is there anything that I am able to do to make this work more smoothly. Would using a STEP file be anymore successful?


It should certainly work. KeyShot can import large files. If possible then you can send (a download link to) the model to and we will look into it.


I cannot speak for Keyshot at this point, but: we have better results and less errors in all workflows using a step file instead of iges, if available. We used 3ds max to import the step files, apply Material IDs and UV coordinates and exported then to obj to import it in keyshot. The result is great so far :)


Also keep in mind that right now all importers are only 32bit. 64bit will follow shortly. But 165MB should work.