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Started by Anthonyy, December 10, 2014, 06:05:28 AM

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Keyshot 3dsmax 1.2.2 plugin
3dsmax 2014 Design SP5
Keyshot 5.1.57

Exporting to Keyshot BIP results in a file being exported but the Keyshot.exe process not creating a window and running in the background taking up cycles.
Microsoft Process explorer Warning when trying to bring to front:

"No Visible windows found for this process"

Please fix.



I have sent you the latest 3dsmax plugin via wetransfer. We will upload it to keyshot.com/plugins shortly for everyone else.

Please let me know if it solves the issue.



Updated - available for download now.



Thank you for replying so quickly.
Yes that has resolved my issue I really appreciate you emailing the link.

Happy Holidays



Hello Rex!,

Well at first I download 3ds max plugin 1.2.4 from keyshot website as well as install it. But however even I save it in Keyshot Bip, but 3ds max model was not showing in keyshot 5. then i uninstall it and add plugins 1.2.2 from your page  but yet it shows the same! could you please help me out?