Update Geometry Issue: KS deletes my duplicates

Started by blessid, February 05, 2014, 09:09:56 AM

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I am working on some visuals of a sofa in keyShot and have produced a number of duplicates within the scene for the purpose of demonstrating different colours, formations etc. etc. After making modifications to my SolidWorks assembly file naturally I needed to update my geometry, but when i go to 'Import/Update Geometry', KeyShot Updates the main model but it completely deletes the others! Is this something to do with the origin on the? And because I have moved the duplicates, KeyShot no longer identifies the relation between the duplicates and the original SolidWrks Assembly file?

Note: I am using KeyShot for Mac, and as live linking cannot be done between Mac and Windows (hurry up and become Mac compatible SolidWorks!) I am having to update my geometry using import.


We will look into the deletion of duplicates.

As far as the update goes, it will currently only update the original model, not the duplicates. We will change this with KeyShot 5 when we introduce instances.


Hey Thomas,

Thanks for your help. Good to know. I'll keep my eyes pealed for KS5.